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- I recently bought a Yagyu Jubei and a Naeo kanetsugu Figure, im anxious to see if they increase in p ...2011.09.07 18:14:00
- Edited by: De BuG2 on 12/08/2011 12:01:41 Each Sleeper BS Neuts with the power of 1.5 T2 Heavy Neut ...2011.08.12 12:01:00
- Hey guys. With the new Walking in stations expansion my computer is now officially incompatible with ...2011.07.30 10:27:00
- 3 Basilisks/Guardian's2 or more DPS ships2 Carrier's and 2 Dread's for EscalationIf your WH gets att ...2011.07.14 15:29:00
- Unfortunatley i am unable to provide an "optimal" fitting right now, but for a myrmidon i would sugg ...2011.07.13 15:50:00
- I would suggest using target painters and omni links to increase your drones applied DPS. ...2011.07.13 08:26:00
- If your willing to go to the trouble of finding a reasonable C5 WHing corp thats quite small then yo ...2011.07.12 12:14:00
- Im not sure a Rupture would have enough tank, as the sentries that are in some (all?) C1 sites can d ...2011.07.12 12:10:00
- If your running in a C4 with a small gang, then have 2 fleet members run basilisks and use the carri ...2011.07.12 12:07:00
- I would say train for a drake. If you want to stick with amarr then go for a harbinger. ...2011.07.11 15:14:00
- Im pretty sure if your flying a high DPS ship like a Mach in LvL 4's then blitzing is definatley bet ...2011.07.11 13:22:00
- No, it would close after 22 Jumps ...2011.07.11 13:19:00
- My corp uses carriers in our C5, 1 in triage and 1 DPSing. thats the only time i've used carriers in ...2011.07.11 10:52:00
- Edited by: Dethmourne Silvermane on 08/07/2011 17:29:38 The webs are strictly mandatory for sieged ...2011.07.08 18:03:00
- Edited by: De BuG2 on 08/07/2011 17:25:37Damage Control II Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer Republic ...2011.07.08 17:23:00

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