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- you can? HOW? teach me this devil magic! ...2010.10.28 08:05:00
- Eve music is nice and all, and it certainly brings the expansiveness of eve together. But i think it ...2010.10.28 08:01:00
- bump for a good toon, just not what i'm looking for. ...2010.05.10 19:56:00
- 8 bill b/o offer. ...2010.05.09 18:28:00
- Nice!How about a Dominix model update? Something subtle maybe?YES!! YES!! YES!! ...2010.04.05 12:46:00
- Bump for a good character, hell of a cheap price. ...2010.03.29 14:56:00
- InFlux is looking for more industrial pilots to round out it's overall population. We are currently ...2010.03.28 10:59:00
- This NEEDS to stay on the front page. If CCP Nozh did not break the mothership he most certainly bro ...2009.12.12 11:24:00
- I have a proposal for Triaged carriers that is purely aesthetic. Similar to the Rorqual, i think it ...2009.12.11 09:35:00
- Edited by: Vergil Kankuro on 16/11/2009 06:07:39 Edited by: Vergil Kankuro on 11/11/2009 21:35:02 ...2009.11.11 21:15:00
- Do you have a public channel where i can get some information. Looks interesting, i have extensive e ...2009.11.11 21:04:00
- I've been waiting for some changes to make not only artillery a viable option but also the tempest. ...2009.09.29 02:04:00
- This sounds like an amazing idea, the sov system is getting to be a bit old and wrinkly. But this al ...2009.09.12 20:28:00
- /signedPOS's need a change, and they need it bad.If this has been on the table for nigh 3 years now, ...2009.05.26 07:09:00
- The whole storyline part of the sleepers is that their civilization is long dead, and most of the ac ...2009.05.21 04:49:00

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