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- These are wonderful, you may have missed a calling as a 'net pundit. ...2011.09.06 01:24:00
- Best of luck. However I remain where I am, comfortably neutral with Sansha's Nation. ...2011.09.06 01:20:00
- While the moral degeneracy required to conceive of running an Empire on a religion is sickening to b ...2011.06.13 03:31:00
- Edited by: Haaranovor tenn on 07/06/2011 04:40:09 If a state of war didn't already exist between th ...2011.06.07 04:32:00
- I always have spare cargo space for loyalist goods, and I'm always happy to send traitors to the clo ...2011.06.06 23:04:00
- If a state of war didn't already exist between the Federation and the Empire, this sentance alone co ...2011.06.06 23:01:00
- I'm very glad to see CVA returning to their spiritual roots. ...2011.04.14 06:29:00
- Give me a minute...No ...2011.04.03 19:50:00
- Firstly...apologies for the double post.Nothing like love to form a contrasting backdrop in this dem ...2011.03.01 02:05:00
- Edited by: Haaranovor tenn on 01/02/2011 02:44:46 TBH Nulli are better then IT right now ...Our ego ...2011.02.01 02:45:00
- Templar & Protus. \WTF IS PROTUS??? ...2011.01.30 17:54:00
- Tbh, I think ice mining is a human rights violation. ...2011.01.29 03:35:00
- Edited by: Haaranovor tenn on 29/01/2011 01:20:07 The only concern anyone has for deceased players: ...2011.01.29 01:19:00
- :O I was going to rage about Sarpati too, I really hope they change it, whoever designed his new fac ...2011.01.28 03:11:00
- It is actually legal to gamble for trinkets and worthless prizes regardless of age. It is why you se ...2011.01.27 05:43:00

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