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- I think your friend won, 200 bucks worth of glass items. He should of cut your brake lines or someth ...2010.09.27 09:14:00
- Hello,After asking around within my corp/alliance, I've been unable to find the correct damage profi ...2010.07.30 02:43:00
- Back when Stealth Bombers used Cruise Missiles and back when Cruise missiles did decent damage to Fr ...2010.07.18 06:33:00
- That man is pure genius! I never understand why people post these on the forums. He is still the win ...2010.07.09 15:42:00
- I'm currently the CEO of a dead corp.Corp is called "STARGATECOMMAND" Ticker is "SGCC" ...2010.07.08 05:34:00
- You raise an interesting point! Time to re-think my hole fit!!! Thanks for the input gentlemen/ladie ...2010.07.08 04:18:00
- Wouldn't cap booster chargers cost alot when using them to mission with? ...2010.07.08 03:47:00
- ahh thats why I couldn't get cap stable! I use T2 CCC and T2 Nano Pump ...2010.07.07 06:11:00
- very much so. I run a dual eccm'd kronos for any and all guristas missions, and i only get jammed on ...2010.07.06 16:56:00
- kronos has enough cap that you can replace a mid for an eccm.if you got a TC in there, the eccm is ...2010.07.06 13:29:00
- So many mixed opinions! To fit or not to fit an ECCM... ...2010.07.06 11:02:00
- Hello,I have to fly Spacelane Patrol Missions for my corp and I'm having abit of trouble with them!! ...2010.07.06 06:14:00
- But A-type/X-type modules have never dropped this much. They must of done SOMETHING to increase drop ...2010.02.16 05:47:00
- Months ago I quit eve to study, Recently I have come back to find out that almost all of my deadspac ...2010.02.16 05:38:00
- Edited by: Malshuraan on 27/11/2009 03:44:58 Your a legend! Just a small question would't using Las ...2009.11.27 03:44:00

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