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- On data delay: I don't believe up to date data will only benefit hardcore traders since easy to acc ...2011.08.31 15:48:00
- This is awesome!1) Any text format is preferable to .bak. Personally I prefer XML.2) Please please p ...2011.08.30 15:11:00
- I agree wholeheartedly with the starter of this thread, CCP missed the opportunity to engage the com ...2011.05.30 10:45:00
- Look like a great start but crashes when refreshing all News feeds. I have all blogs disabled. Worka ...2011.02.23 21:52:00
- Hi,Leaky Capsule is a new iPhone companion app for EVE Online. It currently provides skill tracking ...2011.02.23 17:04:00
- Avall,20,22,23,30,40,46,50,52,88,99,117,129,135,159,162 ...2010.11.24 15:17:00
- I also have the stuttering graphics issue, especially when undocking and entering warp.ATI 4870 grap ...2009.12.02 13:14:00
- Also, the five hobgoblin IIs will make up the difference in dps...Right, I think I'm being a noob, b ...2009.03.30 14:57:00
- I just wanted to chime in with the fact that i LOVE the learning skills. I really like the idea that ...2009.02.20 10:14:00
- The lag was gone for a while and now it's back. Impossible to reconnect for me, I never get past the ...2008.10.28 13:59:00

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