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- I know that y'all cannot help being computer illiterate... Your inherent inferiority means that your ...2011.08.30 23:32:00
- my advice:drop the vaga, a T2 cruiser is too expensive for your training period imo.Ideally id run a ...2011.08.24 14:47:00
- I don't any resaon why CCP would preserve your 'carebear heaven' and your optimism is ill founded. ...2011.08.24 11:53:00
- The balance of the game is 90% correct as it stands now:wormholes are perfect - they fill a gap for ...2011.08.24 10:38:00
- yeh, your right, there should be no penalty for flying a ship that has the sig radius of a cruiser, ...2011.08.22 12:00:00
- null sec sucks dongs.heres where its at in order of fun:High sec Wormhole Low sec Null secI would ...2011.08.16 09:29:00
- Everyone creates artifical barriers in this game, the way the game is set up promotes this and perpe ...2011.08.10 13:48:00
- There is no 'ideal player run bank.' In the end EVERYONE runs with the isk. Everyone.When the whole ...2011.08.04 20:17:00
- Edited by: Kaethe Kollwitz on 18/07/2011 14:23:26 I've been setting up my sell orders for 3 months ...2011.07.18 14:22:00
- One of the big alliances has been buying heavily everything T3, they probably know something the r ...2011.07.15 20:48:00
- Burn it all!make all the player space NPC space.make all the player stations NPC stations.change the ...2011.07.14 23:11:00
- The csm represents 14 out of every 100 eve players as that is the percentage that more, no ...2011.07.13 10:44:00
- interesting service.The answer, as it has always been is:none. ...2011.07.13 08:45:00
- in answer to the "why bother mineral speculation" the word here is definately ffort" - I just dont ...2011.07.11 22:01:00
- Edited by: Kaethe Kollwitz on 11/07/2011 15:27:10 hullo,Seems to me that the mineral basket has bee ...2011.07.11 15:26:00

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