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- Aw, it has gotten rather lonely. I'll pitch in 15mil to tables 22 and 28, and 200mil for table 19. ...2010.02.14 18:32:00
- Woohoo, I won! (And got the money). Didn't really think I'd win that quadruple table.I'll put up 1 ...2010.02.09 14:38:00
- Edited by: Rotnac on 04/02/2010 05:31:55 Heh somehow I think we're gonna figure in your next podcas ...2010.02.04 05:32:00
- I'll match the wager on table 12. And add another person to table 26. Maybe my luck continues to h ...2010.02.04 05:26:00
- A "little one" on table 9? What about the table I have for 2 million?! Lol! Its ok Rotnac no hard fe ...2010.02.02 23:19:00
- I'll take on Govenor Strum. Let's see if his luck holds out. Mwahaha. 20mil for each of tables 6 ...2010.02.02 06:23:00
- Yes, I understand that. My sole question was whether station systems carried an inherent greater co ...2010.01.31 18:57:00
- Edited by: Rotnac on 31/01/2010 18:59:12 Oh, what the heck, I'll wager against Yuliia. I've been h ...2010.01.31 18:20:00
- I'll start this off. I'll take table 1, wager slot. Just a little one: 10 mil. I'd do more, but I ...2010.01.31 06:09:00
- We have decided to cede control of Delve and Querious to whoever takes them. This includes all asse ...2010.01.26 14:50:00
- These guys are great. Pretty fast, and the high collateral is fantastically useful. They moved abo ...2010.01.26 01:27:00
- Well, I bought another 20 tickets. Total of 40 now!Gogogo, let's buy these up! ...2010.01.19 14:56:00
- Its worth noting that, according to my spreadsheets, the raw materials used in making Nanotransistor ...2010.01.19 14:47:00
- Hello all,Im trying to get a POS up and running for T2 production for my corp. Im sure theres been m ...2010.01.15 20:09:00
- Nope. If structures are in space, you risk having them all blown up with no compensation whatsoever ...2010.01.15 20:00:00

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