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- Crap, stucked somewhere between dock and space. Black screen now for 20 minutes. ...2010.05.11 18:15:00
- Nice job done by the pirates :)You lost... everything :) Never fly what you cant affort to lose ...2010.01.27 14:26:00
- Thanks! ...2009.12.21 12:26:00
- BTW:Here's my skillsheet: ...2009.12.21 12:19:00
- Gents,Since my sec status is kind of low, and i wish to travel, will concord shoot my pod when i ent ...2009.12.21 12:00:00
- Peeps,I'm in search of a new home. Started playing again as of last week and after a 11 month break ...2009.12.21 10:31:00
- Yesterday was a sad day. ...2008.06.05 06:31:00
- Edited by: Den enjen on 15/05/2008 08:18:58 Edited by: Den enjen on 15/05/2008 08:13:53 A little o ...2008.05.15 08:10:00
- kinda funny that when i heard about the Earthquake in china, my first thought was this is gunna mess ...2008.05.13 09:12:00
- Devil rabbit :(serves 4)Ingredients :I rabbit washed in water with a little vinegar then diced 4 o ...2008.05.08 12:15:00
- I think the esrb rating would go up a bit. Man has some kind of weird thoughts about aliens having ...2008.05.08 12:12:00
- Mafia to the top! ...2008.05.08 07:05:00
- Hade a convo with one of the macro dude's. He was saying things that he wanted to do to my mother, ...2008.05.07 06:29:00
- Did you check to see if your corp / alliance is not in a war? Since they killed you in a 0.8 system ...2008.05.06 09:44:00
- Well, it seems the macro's are avoiding this system now. Or did a GM looked at the screenshots and t ...2008.05.06 09:21:00

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