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- Yeah, i'm fully prepared to set up a POS to protect it while it crunches away, heavy water is quite ...2009.09.06 19:41:00
- Edited by: FinancialDragon on 06/09/2009 19:14:55 I was looking into supplying compressed ore to th ...2009.09.06 19:14:00
- I had this issue too, eventually I had to solve it by clearing my cache.It's not ideal, as you loose ...2009.08.29 11:41:00
- Ok, now i know everyone wants to get their stuff sold..... but its rediculous that when i set my pr ...2009.08.29 11:21:00
- Edited by: FinancialDragon on 29/08/2009 04:35:55 Edited by: FinancialDragon on 29/08/2009 04:35:09 ...2009.08.29 04:32:00
- I still have enough trust in the ebank board to allow them to try recover.I know they are doing thei ...2009.08.29 04:19:00
- Good thing you posted with your alt Darkdood, your suggestion about nerfing the orca cargohold quite ...2009.08.17 08:04:00

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