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- I love seeing tears about the "flaw in game mechanics" (disgruntled dude who shouldn't have had the ...2009.04.06 11:43:00
- Rifters and Stabbers make the world go round ...2009.04.06 11:41:00
- use game mechanics to achieve what they other wise couldnt.I would say that this looks at best illi ...2009.04.04 21:04:00
- Edited by: Tranking on 26/03/2009 09:45:28 Goons fail in 49-u yesterday night, 24 capitals down and ...2009.03.26 19:51:00
- The other day I was flying through Tribute/Vale and this RKK guy says something like "Wow! IRON sti ...2009.03.26 19:44:00
- This is absolutely unacceptable and I see no reason why this should have happened.Band of Brothers i ...2009.03.25 18:58:00
- you wernt complaining when they where blue to you.I'm complaining less now than when they were blu ...2009.03.22 01:59:00
- after 1 mounth goon directorship still makes propaganda about nothing:), and fails by thinking that ...2009.03.21 17:03:00
- Oh and let us lock our ****ing SMA's with a password. Im tired of having to check my SMA to make su ...2009.03.17 17:53:00
- mlyp - 1 definition - Much like your post, used on forums as a lame comeback.How typical... Exactly ...2009.03.17 12:32:00
- I, too, have this problem. ...2009.03.17 12:27:00
- THat is an oxymoron.. since a pillow is maid to be soft... and I say its hard.I have a hard pillow ...2009.02.24 19:48:00
- Oh hey, is it true the reason there are so many in your section is because you misspelled half of t ...2009.02.23 22:44:00
- Ok so this is AAA's 2/21 surprise, what's Kenny's 2/21 surprise? They were all hopng we'd go back t ...2009.02.22 14:47:00
- We now have POS majority in J-L. Where once Kenny had 50+ towers now they have like 6 all in reinfo ...2009.02.21 02:23:00

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