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- Sorry guys, Sale has been retracted, not gonna sell for now.... Please excuse the inconvenience... T ...2009.08.13 09:12:00
- Sorry chaps, changed my mind, not gonna sell for now... Thanks ...2009.08.13 09:10:00
- Hi,Can you post a link to his skill sheet?ThanksHow do I do that mate? lol ...2009.08.13 08:19:00
- Edited by: ARDIUM on 12/08/2009 21:39:23 Edited by: ARDIUM on 12/08/2009 21:10:42 Good pvp history ...2009.08.12 20:58:00
- Please tell me you don't actually talk like that.All diddly day long ...2009.05.16 10:33:00
- Chappers, I cannot stress just how dangerous and hard it is to take down a curse... Yesterday we wer ...2009.05.16 09:51:00
- I'd like to appologise to CCP, for being a little bit angry about the new patch and nerfs to ship sp ...2008.11.13 02:32:00
- It has long been evident that L4 missions in high-sec were way My guess is that the missile changes ...2008.11.12 23:17:00
- Don't like it, just don't like hardly any of it... medals could be cool, certificates are pointless ...2008.11.12 23:03:00
- MASSIVE MISTAKE... Change it back and show you're listening... otherwise you'll find out when you st ...2008.11.12 21:15:00
- Hello CCP... no nothing's working, mid west UK here, got on before seemed stable for 5 mins, got kic ...2008.10.28 20:24:00

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