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- I'm curious what the 7-day dots will look like over the first couple weeks of the Diablo 3 launch.. ...2011.09.05 13:11:00
- tl;dr: Hi.Half-dozen posts, but too many false assumptions and self-contradictions to detail them wi ...2011.09.05 11:30:00
- Edited by: Ava n''Daara on 04/09/2011 13:52:19 I think pay2win is really only bad if the '2win' par ...2011.09.04 13:52:00
- With all the rage directed toward the NeX for anything resembling 'gold ammo', have you considered B ...2011.09.04 12:02:00
- They are just trying to find a way to sell them on the NEX without causing riots.It's simple, really ...2011.09.03 20:50:00
- No, and I won't because I don't subscribe to Dolls Online. But frankly, I think you have it backward ...2011.09.03 16:12:00
- Is anyone actually insane or uncaring enough of their computers' security to blindly follow url-shor ...2011.09.03 15:22:00
- Just a guess.. but probably CCP has a bugfix patch ready but it's bugged. Surprised? ...2011.09.02 10:33:00
- Anyone else getting tired of this add right in the middle of the login screen? I close one and anoth ...2011.08.25 13:07:00
- Edited by: Ava n''Daara on 23/08/2011 14:06:40 This is YOUR opinion and I can respect this ;)Of cou ...2011.08.23 14:06:00
- And? Why everything should have a purpose? What is the purpose of fancy graphics? Just to please the ...2011.08.23 12:24:00
- 100% of people with a gaming rig and know how to set fan profiles use it.I'm enough to disprove this ...2011.08.23 10:12:00
- if the difference is bigger, it might give nullsec people a reason to stay in nullsec. Most peopl ...2011.08.18 14:37:00
- The biggest problem with PvE from my perspective is your definition of Risk. You seem to define Ris ...2011.08.18 08:25:00
- How would you know? You haven't even tried it.I read things. ...2011.08.18 05:27:00

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