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- stuff You obviously missed the point of the blog, so thank you for wasting 15 minutes of your and ...2011.08.04 21:24:00
- Yes, because enabling blobs more is a good thing. ...2011.07.31 16:59:00
- CCP is on vacation, so we will probably hear something about a roadmap in a month or so. ...2011.07.30 22:58:00
- That's the whole point. NPC corps are supposed to be bland and boring so people leave and make/join ...2011.07.25 17:26:00
- Only gallente firgs can use drones?Don't forget THE HERON.Also, missiles are a secondary for gallent ...2011.07.21 16:24:00
- I like how when even though the CCPers said that these things are possibilities, you spin it so that ...2011.07.20 17:25:00
- This could tie into high sec where if you deploy your weapons you are flagged on grid as being a pos ...2011.06.21 19:00:00
- Edited by: Tommy Blue on 21/06/2011 18:19:02 I think you could add some really cool gameplay additi ...2011.06.21 18:19:00
- 19.10 ...2011.06.20 18:05:00
- Edited by: Tommy Blue on 20/06/2011 18:03:51 The falcon can warp cloaked anyways and giving i ta co ...2011.06.20 18:03:00
- I've lived in 0.0 for quite a while. And if you use your brains, ratting in 0.0 is safer than rattin ...2011.05.17 13:08:00
- I could point out that the risk in W-Space is even higher for potential invaders. No way to know ho ...2011.05.16 17:49:00
- stuffI hope you know that the comments section for the blogs do not have to focus solely on the spec ...2011.05.16 13:09:00
- What we have is the ability to wield the power of super fleets without the requirement to have a por ...2011.05.11 22:46:00
- Why not just move them to Planets and give them a few gate guns (upgradeable perhaps, based on sov/s ...2011.05.11 22:41:00

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