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- OP, I'm also a 2005 player and I agree with just about every point you made (except freeform contrac ...2011.09.06 04:39:00
- No, I'm playing to play. I started in 2005. I did take a year off and came back to this CQ and Nex ...2011.09.06 04:20:00
- No I have not. Yes, I can afford to buy out the store if I wanted to. I'd rather give the money to ...2011.09.04 11:22:00
- Edited by: Maxpie on 31/08/2011 16:29:40 I remember years back a pirate caught someone. The ransom ...2011.08.31 16:29:00
- I remember years back a pirate caught someone. The ransom they worked out was that the victim would ...2011.08.31 12:24:00
- Nobody seemed to have mentioned it, but have you tried negotiating with alliance diplomats for passa ...2011.08.30 03:49:00
- Eve Earth and Beyond Perpetuum LotRO (beta tester) DDO Conquer WoW Rift (beta tester) Lego U ...2011.08.30 03:39:00
- In before "Soon " ...2011.08.28 19:42:00
- I do a bit of mining, but the sad reality is how unprofitable it is. Why mine for 10mil/hr when you ...2011.08.28 16:22:00
- CCP actually think I want to pay more real life money for imaginary video game clothes than such c ...2011.08.27 19:15:00
- /sighA low quality picture of a door is actually better than watching my guy constantly scratch hims ...2011.08.27 01:20:00
- I saw that and actually felt kind of embarrassed that I play a game that has such things. ...2011.08.25 17:31:00
- If CCP wants to do something with afk cloaking, they should just tie the cloaking device's cap usage ...2011.08.19 16:11:00
- You miss the point. If I have to sit there and watch my ship crawl to every gate/station, etc., I ...2011.08.16 15:59:00
- Ah, this thread brings back memories...-Sitting on a gate, bored to tears, waiting to pop the rare t ...2011.08.15 23:39:00

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