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- True, it is a vanity pieceI am tired of being called vain.I bet I could jam my ***** through that mo ...2011.06.22 18:12:00
- GTC's for a monocle.. hilarious CCP!I'd pay a GTC for a signed naked photo of Oveur however.Or.. the ...2011.06.22 17:32:00
- bamp bamp bamp him.Happy Christmas Zak, hope you find a place to call home ingame. ...2010.12.28 16:04:00
- LOL sent buds thanks! ;ptop ebayer AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++ ...2010.12.17 16:54:00
- Edited by: mamolian on 17/12/2010 16:51:13 "mamolian" the pl0x part was a ******ation of ple.. oh ...2010.12.17 16:49:00
- 2 for Mamolian pl0x ...2010.12.17 16:40:00
- Im the scourge of the vaginal canal. BEGIN!So your a nasty dose of genital warts then huh? Remi ...2010.08.28 01:37:00
- m15x laptop here Op, great construction quality, great cooling, and its more powerful than my deskto ...2010.08.28 01:26:00
- Edited by: My Entity on 26/08/2010 18:16:13 Should I strangle him or push him off the Golden Gate B ...2010.08.28 01:22:00
- As an idea I love it op, spent an hour or so watching this stream the last day. Be nice if it was a ...2010.08.28 01:12:00
- 1 for Mamolian pl0x ...2010.08.21 20:48:00
- wtb gtc @ 600m send to Mamolian pl0x online now ...2010.08.21 20:21:00
- All the best outpost names get removed by the devs/gms.True story. ...2010.08.11 08:32:00
- TEST's reputationOh lawdy.Your reputation you say.wowzah. Please excuse me while I stick a watermel ...2010.08.11 08:28:00
- *********** It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a space grue.> activate medium beam la ...2010.08.11 08:24:00

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