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- Wow, sweet! I gotta pitch five bucks for this, especially since I use a Raven myself for missions a ...2009.09.15 00:47:00
- Part of the reason I left Eve the first time I played it a few years back is that it seemed like I c ...2009.02.18 20:06:00
- Always the same arguments, always the same responses. But what I want to know, and I've never seen ...2008.03.03 22:48:00
- I don't believe that motherships and carriers should have their number of available drones/fighters ...2007.09.08 04:02:00
- Wow. I think I'll post this until I can find words.The volume and timing of these near-simultaneous ...2007.05.30 05:09:00
- Crossposted from the "other" thread, I think this sums up nicely the reasons for insisting on invisi ...2007.05.30 00:33:00
- So, the answer seems fairly pat, which is good. But it begs the followup question of why no attempt ...2007.05.28 00:33:00

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