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- if its done right all recruitment will be done from there and that is where you will show off your v ...2010.05.23 20:28:00
- Edited by: Cash Collection on 23/05/2010 12:10:19 So ... you want to enter a system thats heavily c ...2010.05.23 12:10:00
- fail ...2010.05.19 10:09:00
- Gyrostabilizer II Gyrostabilizer II Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Imperial Navy ...2010.05.19 10:04:00
- 1) would rather buy 20 of my corpmates who didn't have a capital char / second capital alt what they ...2010.05.04 23:15:00
- Gyrostabilizer II Overdrive Injector System II Damage Control IICold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters Med ...2010.05.04 17:18:00
- the basis of an AF is not to kill frigs and interceptors but cruisers up. Anything smaller than that ...2010.05.04 12:03:00
- Beta Reactor Control: Shield Power Relay I Beta Reactor Control: Shield Power Relay I Beta Reactor ...2010.04.28 22:11:00
- tbh if your not cap stable i'd go for a commander nos. You can get one thats decent range for under ...2010.04.28 15:10:00
- Do we have to blue your macro alts as well? ...2010.04.27 02:19:00
- Gyrostabilizer II Gyrostabilizer II Nanofiber Internal Structure II Nanofiber Internal Structur ...2010.04.26 10:53:00
- I'm considering buying a Legion, but I've heard a lot of people say not so nice things about it, can ...2010.03.15 17:05:00
- 20 million ...2010.03.09 17:37:00
- Has anyone yet figured out a way of stopping 20+ titans with 50 battleships as support warping in, i ...2009.10.30 20:01:00
- Do your level 4's in peace in any system from low sec to 0.0. When they are out for extra mid slots ...2009.10.25 15:17:00

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