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- Many is BACK, world watch out. Good to see you in game and fly next to you!and for all the haters an ...2010.10.21 08:45:00
- Edited by: Yoji Kio on 23/09/2010 00:07:40It's called a failure cascade for a reason. Look elsewher ...2010.09.23 00:07:00
- Alliance activate and fleet size is up 200% compared to 2 months before. We should thank IT and PL f ...2010.09.20 17:04:00
- Edited by: Yoji Kio on 25/08/2010 00:12:37 Really no reason to go 8 or 9 pool to be honest. It's a ...2010.08.25 00:12:00
- Wow, with spy network and intel like this we need to just call off the whole thing. I know, Right. ...2010.03.23 00:13:00
- FYI: SE&C0ven didn't reset you morons to conquer your space and take your stations. Actually they ...2010.03.19 01:35:00
- we're winning Are we ? I'm just mining and plexing as they dont pose any danger. ...2010.03.18 22:30:00
- Still funny, emoraging is always funny, and it have some very good lines, the bc blobing the sun, th ...2010.03.15 11:57:00
- Edited by: Yoji Kio on 11/03/2010 03:17:43 Edited by: Yoji Kio on 11/03/2010 03:16:58 This whole c ...2010.03.11 03:16:00
- who would take up your space when you get thrown out This is a legitimate question I haven't seen an ...2010.03.08 11:39:00
- Also, I was mostly talking about capitals, I just don't recall ANYONE talking about how powerful a ...2010.03.08 11:26:00
- man i agree to this topic. I realy cant be arsed to move my ships up North. you know how many jumps ...2010.03.07 21:58:00
- Sooooo..... This is all (or in great part) because we stayed (mostly)neutral when two allie ...2010.03.06 21:06:00
- LOL finally a real post again worthy of the old goon glory. i seriously cried from laughter when i ...2010.02.07 21:01:00
- This is awesome. I love how IT+sysk et co. are taking this all serious, this is just bloody hilario ...2010.02.04 11:06:00

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