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- we have different styles of play... it upset you, but not most. I'd rather take the fight before ...2008.06.16 10:33:00
-"Speaking personally ...2008.06.16 07:16:00
- Jade being biased isn't exactly news. In one of the very first threads after the results were announ ...2008.06.16 07:03:00
- Edited by: Waterfowl Democracy on 14/06/2008 02:13:06 I'm glad to see all goonswarm members act as ...2008.06.14 02:13:00
- Edited by: Waterfowl Democracy on 12/06/2008 07:05:33 CleanedPlease do not use images without the e ...2008.06.12 07:05:00
- Yorda, stop posting everywhere. You're dumb. Also, Serenity Steele has been put in charge of framin ...2008.06.11 09:27:00
- (post here if you think Jade is dum)Quoting myself from page 4. Nice to see so many of you agree wit ...2008.06.11 06:29:00
- CleanedPlease do not use images without the express consent of those in the photo. Pictures of get ...2008.06.09 19:34:00
- But I also stated that I at this time do not wish to bring up this issue.Learn to read a thread.It ...2008.06.09 13:18:00
- issues discussed in this thre ...2008.06.09 13:04:00
- Within wishing to interrupt the flow of goon flaming too much, could I ask a little favor and sugg ...2008.06.09 12:55:00
- I feel it's unfair to relegate my issue with cynojammers and jumpbridges to Serenity Steele, a CSM r ...2008.06.09 12:37:00
- I'm telling you the Chair has the authority to moderate meetings. That can involve muting disrupti ...2008.06.09 12:32:00
- Now it's the in-game chat system's fault you muted a CSM member without due authority. Chair has ...2008.06.09 12:16:00
- Jade, how will you be voting on the issue of No Confidence in your position as CSM Chair?I also note ...2008.06.09 10:47:00

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