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- I realise that it goes against your request for no BSs but how about a Typhoon? Very versatile with ...2011.06.26 22:16:00
- I'm sure you know this but last time I checked (quite some time ago) you never had to run lvl 1s if ...2011.06.08 21:18:00
- Morning all,Just wanted to drop a few points to think about in here now that I've had some sleep. ...2011.03.30 13:54:00
- Having recently bought a Machariel and T2 fitted it, I have these thoughts:1. Why bother with factio ...2011.03.19 11:58:00
- OK, here are some rounded numbers for ease of reading.A 4 RF gyro fit Mach with CCCs and short range ...2011.03.19 09:42:00
- Alonzo's fit is good, the only 2 points that I would add are:1. You could fit a DCUII instead of a T ...2011.03.13 10:26:00
- Edited by: Marco P on 02/03/2011 17:33:56 For comparison with the above post, a Mach will typically ...2011.03.02 17:33:00
- E manIt is generally because people want to move around - which you can't really do with sentries. ...2011.02.24 15:34:00
- I have the same. As a newbie my question is - do I have to destroy everything on the planet apart f ...2011.02.23 18:17:00
- I have just started and reckon to be making 1.5mil per planet per day. Not quite sure how I double ...2011.02.23 18:15:00
- Thanks for the replies so far - there seems to be a general concensus, which is rare here! ...2011.02.18 16:34:00
- OK, first I am a big believer in the rock/paper/scissors/sandbox nature of Eve and there is no such ...2011.02.18 14:50:00
- Confirming torps don't work.So you could try cruises and arty (and sentrys) but the dps really isn't ...2011.02.11 19:32:00
- I'll probably do some really irrelevant skill to level 4 I guess.Might be a little tricky with only ...2010.06.24 20:01:00
- I think it is the flexibility. Known to use torps for good EFT DPS but - I got jumped (well OK I wa ...2010.05.30 04:21:00

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