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- Edited by: Juno Valchelza on 04/08/2011 04:28:31 Edited by: Dahak Trismegistus on 04/08/2011 00:58: ...2011.08.04 04:27:00
- CCP just posted this about their Buddy ProgramQ. Will you be offering different Buddy rewards in the ...2011.07.06 18:10:00
- Edited by: Juno Valchelza on 02/07/2011 19:45:44 SO, you're leaving EVE, after rabbling and/or sper ...2011.07.02 19:44:00
- I believe CCP deserves an apology from the Eve Community... ...2011.07.02 19:41:00
- Meh, color me unimpressed.All this hub bub about flying people here and there to say something that ...2011.07.02 19:38:00
- I would like to thank the CSM for taking their time out of their lives and flying to Iceland for the ...2011.07.02 19:35:00
- Edited by: Ohforgetaboutit on 02/07/2011 19:22:43 Dev alts spotted.Oooh which one? Me or Hellcat? M ...2011.07.02 19:29:00
- Seriously? There weren't any plans for non-vanity items?You could have killed the threadnaughts and ...2011.07.02 19:27:00
- Huh? Where's the apology from the Eve community for what happened last week?Where is the "Thank You" ...2011.07.02 19:20:00
- I honestly don't get it. People re-subbing after reading this dev blog and saying "Thanks for clarif ...2011.07.02 18:40:00
- Edited by: Juno Valchelza on 01/07/2011 19:56:35 Hmm... now people are starting to get after the CS ...2011.07.01 19:56:00
- Hmm... now people are starting to get after the CSM and lumping them in with CCP about communication ...2011.07.01 18:44:00
- Stuff that was ignored:From the Table of Contents:DISCLAIMER: The views put forward in this magazi ...2011.06.29 22:04:00
- Edited by: Juno Valchelza on 29/06/2011 09:32:09 As long as when you "buy" it, part of the cost is ...2011.06.29 09:31:00
- I really don't get it.You have one side claiming that they are upset because of these ridiculous pri ...2011.06.27 23:34:00

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