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- Now you're speaken my language! Actually, I've been thinking...These Sansha supercarriers... I think ...2011.01.20 23:55:00
- Now don't you feel silly, John?No, as a matter of fact, I don't.There is a simple solution to the ma ...2011.01.20 21:39:00
- Give me information on exactly WHERE they'll strike. If they hit the core worlds, I'll contact some ...2011.01.20 01:43:00
- New idea: The first part of the message could be a detonation code.Think like this: Say you find the ...2011.01.20 01:40:00
- I hope the Sansha ships make it right to the Amarran throne and burn Sarum to the component elements ...2011.01.20 01:35:00
- Edited by: John Caligan on 20/01/2011 01:31:44 Edited by: John Caligan on 20/01/2011 01:31:29Oh my, ...2011.01.20 01:31:00
- First of all... F*** AMARR!! I've never liked them, and I would gladly fight with the Minmatar Navie ...2011.01.19 20:46:00
- MAybe its a cipher. Quick: is anyone here a professional codebreaker? ...2011.01.19 20:40:00
- Could it be a cipher? ...2011.01.19 20:38:00
- The way you're telling it, the galaxy could be collapsing around us, and the Caldari and Gallente wo ...2011.01.18 02:23:00
- Seems obvious who the winner is: the winner is the person who actually HAS a ship at the end of it. ...2011.01.17 19:19:00
- Name: John Caligan Captain of the UNSC Iroquois, Drake-type Battlecruiser-class starship Currently ...2011.01.17 19:13:00
- I would assume that as a Caldari, I have no place weighing in on Federation internal affairs, but no ...2011.01.17 17:58:00
- There is a simple solution to the conflict between State and Federation: Make Luminaire a CONCORD ma ...2011.01.17 17:50:00
- If the Sansha can deploy anywhere, at any time, wouldn't it just be easier for them to use ghost sig ...2011.01.16 23:01:00

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