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- yes, the domi is the best gallente missionship - however only if you fit it for it. Typically this m ...2011.09.04 14:58:00
- Just relogged and looked at that ship. The arty is offline again even though I didn't switch ship a ...2011.09.02 14:44:00
- whining about courier mission? the heck? there is always folks that amaze me , whats the damn challe ...2011.08.31 06:37:00
- Definitely Tengu, and I fear the nightmare will be rarely used once you get comfortable.This is more ...2011.08.30 10:17:00
- I on the contrary suggest some time spent in reconsidering the entire loottables, especially for dro ...2011.08.29 18:53:00
- l2spellpick a ship with one than mid ...2011.08.23 13:26:00
- If you are tracking well in Optimal range you will hit for full damage, once you enter fallof your c ...2011.08.23 13:24:00
- For doing what? ...2011.08.23 09:19:00
- All rigs are the same and have the same effect. The fact that they have sizes just mean you can't FI ...2011.08.23 08:31:00
- Two huge reasons...1. Most of the changes are just that, changes and not additions. You don't get a ...2011.08.22 16:48:00
- Mine was admitably a real pre-incarna gangbooster whos eccm's I dropped for more links. So yes, usin ...2011.08.18 18:12:00
- Tengu.Shadow Serpentis Co-Processor Shadow Serpentis Co-Processor Shadow Serpentis Co-Processor S ...2011.08.18 16:25:00
- Not sure why you compare hams to HMLs, or even use a passive shield tank on the drake. But it's some ...2011.08.16 17:40:00
- Even with an abnormally ganky setup on a sac, you won't deal very much dps. Sure, you'll be able to ...2011.08.16 15:56:00
- I came back from an eve break, and I just do realize that my sentries T2 have an optimal range from ...2011.08.14 19:24:00

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