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- while i was in school long long time ago... I had a bunch of guys i didnt like...I did not like tra ...2010.02.07 03:15:00
- Armadillos are hecka cute but woefully ******ed. I think that jives pretty well with Eve. ...2010.02.06 13:15:00
- You guys realize we aren't in charge of the BoB alliance or the Goonfleet corp anymore, right ...2010.02.06 06:41:00
- u mad?Please stop running that into the ground by posting it whenever you possibly can. It's not f ...2010.02.05 16:49:00
- Band of Brothers will now destroy the evil goonies once and for all. ...2010.02.05 06:41:00
- Sorry to see you go. (in the way that you did)This was the only way we could possibly go out: By tea ...2010.02.03 11:26:00
- karttoon is the best CEO we've ever had ...2010.02.03 08:52:00
- this is literally the best thing ...2010.02.03 06:15:00
- snot shot's a little obsessed it's chill you'll get used to him and then you'll be like "oh sup it's ...2010.02.02 20:16:00
- Jita's more of a pain in the ass than anything else ...2010.02.02 20:09:00
- My last comment got removed, for quoting me I thank you,..Jack Gates for CEO!,..I do what I can, bro ...2010.02.02 16:33:00
- Edited by: Jack Gates on 02/02/2010 07:19:36 F) Karttoon disband GoonSwarm and hand the name over t ...2010.02.02 07:05:00
- I guess this means no more recruitment scams for awhile?I stole ten and a half billion after we lost ...2010.02.02 06:45:00
- Noscript and/or running a browser in a sandbox ftw. For those of you unwilling to visit the site - O ...2010.02.02 06:39:00
- I'd have a beer with him, he looks like a fun guy. ...2010.02.01 15:02:00

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