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- no, at 50% stations with no implant you only need level 1 i.e. R5 + RE5 + special 1 R5 + RE4 + s ...2011.09.05 11:23:00
- Energy Management increases max cap. Energy System Operation decreases cap recharge rate.These two ...2011.08.31 19:23:00
- Okay, I think I get it now. Thanks. ...2011.08.31 19:14:00
- So I can just update my order's price to equal my competitor's, and then I get all his stuff, until ...2011.08.31 19:08:00
- The one that has been in existence the longest.So if I'm in bidding war with another player, and his ...2011.08.31 18:57:00
- HiIf someone is selling some stuff, and there are two equal Buy Orders covering that station for tha ...2011.08.31 18:45:00
- Actually, the only type of rigs that existed were more expensive than large rigs are today - that's ...2011.08.29 18:25:00
- It offers no advantages except that the loss mail will be more than the killboard should say, since ...2011.08.26 22:06:00
- d)"No, just get in a BC anyway. You don't necessarily need those skills." Even without the recomm ...2011.08.24 11:25:00
- Im back in Eve for the 1st time in over 3 years and im trying to get my head around all the changes. ...2011.08.24 11:21:00
- Me and my alt have such a tag permanently in our cargo holds.What other such tags are worth carrying ...2011.08.23 02:37:00
- Does a Cerberus have enough gank to fly level 4 missions properly?I've always heard that Drake had t ...2011.08.22 13:34:00
- Top logis are Guardian (Amarr) for armor, and Scimitar (Minmatar) for shields.Why is the Scimitar pr ...2011.08.20 00:01:00
- Don't mine Omber. Omber is by far the least valuable ore based on Jita prices.You want to prioritiz ...2011.08.18 19:46:00
- I know what you're getting at, but when a group of ****wits set up a mining op at your 30 GSCs and l ...2011.08.18 19:42:00

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