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- I was happily flying around eve when I jumped into a system that I know has an agent in space and my ...2008.11.12 09:59:00
- Isk paid and character recieved. Thx. ...2008.11.06 10:00:00
- B/O 4bil IngameConfirming on the forums. ...2008.11.06 00:34:00
- Good service. Everything worked fine. ...2006.07.23 20:03:00
- TBH that is an incorrect setup if you want to take a blasterthron. (yes your going to have to specif ...2006.07.14 12:05:00
- Tactics. Each of them was probably moving full tilt (less than 200ms) towards a different gate. Th ...2006.03.27 20:04:00
- Edited by: Exarch00 on 26/03/2006 01:56:58 Got thisHi: 4x 220m 2x small nosMed: 1x AB 1x Web 1 ...2006.03.26 01:51:00
- The trade routes are there...You don't have to worry about right after Down Time anymore either. The ...2005.11.01 08:27:00
- Are these things any good at belt piracy? I was thinking a bunch of artillery, mwd, webber, scambler ...2005.08.11 11:28:00

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