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- Yep TCS still recruiting. Wana try out 0.0 and some pvp then join us :) ...2011.02.04 19:48:00
- dude no one going to buy this! Shows the arrogance in this post when your ignoring the advice from t ...2010.06.25 14:08:00
- LinkageShould of been more SP but RL gets in the way :( ...2010.06.25 13:59:00
- Mess with scramblers and you kill solo pvp. I find it hard to believe you have played for six years ...2010.02.27 04:06:00
- I realised something while reading this thread. Complaining about the price of beer in Europe to som ...2007.11.21 20:22:00
- All are lower primates! ...2007.11.21 20:18:00
- When in doubt, name your character after yourself. I support this comment :) ...2007.11.21 20:16:00
- Hey, that's a nice website you got there. I take it? ...2007.11.20 15:25:00
- there are other system thats next to it! so they can trade as well at those anmd spread the trade. I ...2007.11.20 15:16:00
- Edited by: Peter Armstrong on 20/11/2007 14:13:44 Shut up! Its simple DONT GO TO JITA! enough with ...2007.11.20 14:13:00
- I sent 5 mil for 5 shares! I order more but just been shopping lol ...2007.11.17 10:43:00
- Biddeford maine here :)I like biddeford nice place! I hope there going to be a Maine meet soon. I ho ...2007.11.15 12:02:00
- Edited by: Peter Armstrong on 15/11/2007 11:59:34 I'm in Augusta MaineFunny that so i am I for now! ...2007.11.15 11:58:00
- I be there long the Ex Kr0m member and deathrow members be there too. ...2007.11.13 20:19:00
- umm no! how about dont go to Jita in the first place? or is that too hard! I mean i sick of people c ...2007.06.17 20:25:00

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