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- run as administrator, it fixes the problem :)yea rigth if you know how to enable win7 admin account ...2011.09.01 22:44:00
- view tag on market sheet to see where the buy stations are.. you maybe able to use them in the lp s ...2009.05.27 11:56:00
- How do remote reps help a solo Raven? repairs drones when needed ...2009.05.05 11:56:00
- if you step those then on a frig it should have a nice effort, small on larger then a frig not much ...2009.04.20 12:27:00
- well depends on how the second/third players wants to play it you could have a drone boat asign dron ...2009.04.20 12:21:00
- Is it not possible to scan for people in ships that has logged off?No unless you have a timer runnin ...2009.03.25 13:01:00
- I mainly use trade alts for this. 1 in empire and 1 at selling station and goods go back and forth ...2009.03.24 13:02:00
- how is that an exploit if you delete a character and make a new one?The Exploit is the bad standings ...2009.03.09 13:22:00
- used to be a few storyline missions in amarr that needed poeple/passeners/etc to make into slaves an ...2009.03.04 13:30:00
- here's a couple of thoughtstrain all basic socail skills to lvl 4-5 and look at the higher rank soc ...2009.02.27 06:03:00
- Higher the ME the better in most cases bigger the ship the more Minerals saved..But saying thatDepen ...2009.02.26 13:25:00
- Have your corp mates sit near a gate with you on the other side in a BB, jump gate hopefully you be ...2009.02.23 13:00:00
- 1 orca + 1 hauler + 4 Macks = 20 blocks in about 5 mins or lessfully trained orca pilot with gang mo ...2009.02.22 09:39:00
- a director can look at wins/lost ships in corp management and post the missing mail ...2009.02.22 09:09:00
- Err, why? If you are able to cloak, you have not been locked by anyone. If you have not been locke ...2009.02.22 09:04:00

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