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- Edited by: Othran on 18/08/2011 14:40:33 Its simply unholy rage II.Ermm no.Nullsec botting is back ...2011.08.20 11:42:00
- 10bil ...2011.07.17 22:44:00
- Mission busting? Blackops are completely useless for this surely - or am I missing a trick?They are ...2011.06.11 00:49:00
- Alliance wardecs should be free and unlimited in number.The wardec should apply to all the individua ...2011.06.04 14:10:00
- Edited by: kerjin on 02/06/2011 00:31:53 Seventh turret. Agility subsystem. 37k neut range. Doub ...2011.06.02 00:28:00
- Try visiting losec, there are no gate camps.Try jumping into hisec with gcc, that is a stupid overpo ...2010.12.18 03:45:00
- Increase range - some systems arent accessible even if you are just one ordinary jump away.Fix the t ...2010.11.01 01:52:00
- Remove the ship self destruct menu option, I put this on the same level as the old warplogoffski exp ...2010.10.29 02:13:00
- Nice kills Are you getting specific intel on a worm resident corp and then going to find them or pro ...2010.06.09 16:23:00
- I expect his alt is in a top sekrit 30 second uber probing worm ganker squad. ...2010.06.09 10:59:00
- Spins Meats on battleclinic - two wormhole kills six months ago and a loss eight months ago.Wormhole ...2010.06.09 10:09:00
- I did the count for this evening, 129 active wormhole systems = 5% chance, in other words - probe 20 ...2010.06.08 21:58:00
- Kiritsubo, I appreciate your feedback, looking at your killboard - your corp members must all have t ...2010.06.08 17:11:00
- The figures were from a couple of hours before downtime, I will take another measurement this evenin ...2010.06.08 14:11:00
- I have patiently downloaded and counted the number of sleeper kills in the past hour in wormhole sys ...2010.06.08 11:43:00

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