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- Go fish is a good one too. I haven't played that in a decade or two. ...2009.03.13 00:10:00
- I'm more of a Rook player, or 300 which is played like rook but with a standard deck of cards. Which ...2009.03.12 01:15:00
- You are being dense intentionally.Bluffing is done before revealing your hand. "On the recording a ...2009.03.10 23:43:00
- You said in your audio that you had the forums copied. You also talked about how much hard work an ...2009.03.10 22:52:00
- I fully support any option that gives you an avenue for recourse from what you believe to be an over ...2009.03.10 21:23:00
- I personally would like to apologize for insinuating that Molle flys avatars to compensate for his s ...2009.03.05 02:06:00
- My hope is that in 3 weeks time Tenerifis will be a multi-colored region on the sov map. A true Tort ...2009.02.28 02:18:00
- Who run Bartertown? ...2009.02.27 23:19:00
- Edited by: Montasque on 27/02/2009 21:04:00 Seriously, free space, go get some. Just be warned Ange ...2009.02.27 21:21:00
- so pink sock means vagina, right?not quite...surely it doesn't refer to the stink ...2009.02.26 03:35:00
- Edited by: Ocular Shadows on 08/01/2008 21:28:53 Against All Authorities (AAA)- Good. Solid PvP gro ...2008.01.08 21:24:00
- Good point Hammy, as the fighting continues the demand won't go anywhere but up. Especially if areas ...2007.12.21 13:41:00
- First of all, you're assuming that Bob sold those items instead of using them. If they sold them, t ...2007.12.20 21:53:00
- While many corporations and alliances think they are/will be unaffected by the activities of Goonswa ...2007.12.20 20:31:00
- Edited by: Ocular Shadows on 20/12/2007 19:32:37 The reason Goonfleet has been such a good match fo ...2007.12.20 19:32:00

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