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- Voted ...2011.07.28 10:51:00
- Hi all, I was thinking of Eve and figured I'd re-up my sub.Problem is I last played back in 2008 so ...2011.07.16 07:30:00
- I and a friend just did the lvl 2 part of this mission in an Ishkur and Purifier.The hardest part fo ...2007.06.03 15:40:00
- Really, Eves refund policy is very liberal compared to what I'm used to. In other games if you lost ...2005.10.19 10:44:00
- Edited by: Tinilla on 18/10/2005 09:49:06 I do level 3's in a Ishkur AF and its pretty easy. I car ...2005.10.18 09:47:00
- I used to run level 3's in a domanix: mostly with ogers & beserkers, med rails, 4 hardiners for wha ...2005.10.18 09:32:00
- I like xvid myself, although you need windows media player classic to view, not sure if it displays ...2005.10.18 08:59:00
- better to wait for a HAC for level 4's then using a AF ...2005.10.09 20:04:00
- Under EVE Store on the left, click Customer Login.Enter your email and password for your store accou ...2005.10.07 17:58:00
- I pre ordered as well, but when I try to log into the store it shows my email as not being regestere ...2005.09.28 23:45:00
- didn't read whole list so apology if its repeat:Dark Glitter: LGUZ-1 KTHT-O ...2005.09.26 22:07:00
- I liked my dominix on 4's, although it takes a long time to finish some and waiting for the drones t ...2005.09.26 14:07:00
- If you jam a enemy ship he can't target anyone, and thus is a sitting target Nice, I was always wo ...2005.09.26 11:31:00
- link no longer work :( ...2005.09.19 11:53:00
- Also they can't jump on their own, they require at least one wing man who can fly to the destination ...2005.09.07 11:00:00

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