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- Thanks for the good DEV blog and and explaining a bit how you are going about combating lag. More t ...2011.07.27 19:03:00
- VonKolroth,1,3,4,-7,9,12,14,18,20,21,22,23,27,29,31,33,34,35,39,-60,61,75,77,78,84,83,88,89,96,110,1 ...2011.07.24 08:25:00
- Though the EvE broser in nice for some things, It would be nice to have a setting that would open ht ...2011.07.11 17:03:00
- ...and when I talk about range differences, they need to overlap more. there is way to much certaint ...2011.06.30 13:36:00
- I'm relatively new to this game. I was playing a different MMO a while back and switched to this and ...2011.06.30 13:27:00
- "but I suppose you could experiment with replacing it with a remote ECCM bonus." (lazy quote)hmm... ...2011.06.28 11:21:00
- ...2011.06.25 12:57:00
- Jesus, That monocle has pretty much become the symbol of everything that is wrong and broken in EvE. ...2011.06.24 23:29:00
- I have come to literally DREAD updates at this point. Please stop, just stop. If the update after I ...2011.06.24 22:54:00
- I still hate the EasyShare nonsense, evefiles is free too. ...2011.06.12 11:31:00
- You know what else is immersion breaking? Broken game play. The last few SC buffs should have been ...2011.06.09 13:23:00
- What can we do to bring more players to pvp and null sec? Nerf anoms and force them to fly through ...2011.05.11 10:32:00
- Something with the same fitting arrangement as the Drone Link Augmentor I but a damage multiplier fo ...2011.04.12 12:22:00
- I read this Dev Blog while drunk, and lo and behold, all became clear to me. Technical blogs only a ...2011.02.08 04:17:00
- Reimbursement of game time... Do you mean time spent playing the game and training skills,.. with m ...2011.01.27 21:02:00

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