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- I was there. And soon to drown. Send plex. ...2011.08.28 06:27:00
- nerf blobs, bring solo/small gang pvp back ...2011.08.28 06:12:00
- oh.. i thought this thread was about all of evoke... ...2011.08.27 00:58:00
- forsaken ohh yaa them. For some reason they don't know how to tackle drakes on gates. ...2011.08.16 06:36:00
- I have seen slings pull people beyond 100km but that was like years ago. THey may have changed it si ...2011.08.15 23:56:00
- What i think is even better is that you took the time to post this on the forums. You are better off ...2011.08.15 23:29:00
- bunch of stupid bears crying about something else now? typical.. This is a good step in the right di ...2011.08.15 23:26:00
- yes we need to know how to bot more efficiently ...2011.08.15 23:20:00
- Edited by: General Altathamus on 15/08/2011 23:21:51 has to be within 100km ==be a faster response ...2011.08.15 23:12:00
- thanks. Wardeccing you tomorrow. Enjoy :) ...2011.08.09 22:33:00
- Edited by: General Altathamus on 08/08/2011 19:05:14 you really have to make this solo kills....or ...2011.08.08 18:39:00
- i don't understand. How did you lose your alliance??... -No im not talking about whatever this thre ...2011.08.07 02:07:00
- I see, so the OP in his spare time looks around youtube at maybe hundreds of half naked men dancing, ...2011.06.15 03:32:00
- Posted - 02/19/2009 Come visit us in Tribute scrubs. Come Get Kills ...2011.06.15 03:22:00
- blades of the wildlands are a bunch of stupid RPers who suck at pvp... ...2011.06.15 03:12:00

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