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- 1: I had this problem as well. Make sure you go into your .wine directory, to Program Files, CCP, EV ...2011.07.09 16:06:00
- Would be nice, still looking for a current guide or information if anybody has it.And while I'm here ...2011.07.04 20:33:00
- I've been looking through tons of sites and forums looking for how to install Eve on Linux. I curren ...2011.07.04 17:44:00
- god no, nullsec makes "piracy" extremely hard.Piracy in Eve is the ransoming of someone's ship, POS, ...2011.06.30 23:19:00
- He has a point as well, you may prefer 0.0. For me, there was always something about low-sec and tha ...2011.06.30 14:19:00
- I don't suggest lowering your sec status with piracy until you are able to fully support yourself in ...2011.06.30 13:57:00
- Still recruiting new members, growing rapidly. ...2011.03.24 13:35:00
- Always recruiting. ...2011.03.22 04:05:00
- Edited by: Tolrok Qorte on 20/03/2011 16:28:44 JSMC is currently recruiting any and all mission run ...2011.03.20 16:25:00
- I've nearly saved enough to purchase a Machariel for level 4 missions, however after buying it I wil ...2011.02.26 17:01:00
- Edited by: Tolrok Qorte on 08/01/2011 22:26:05 Hey guys, I'm returning to the game after about a 4- ...2011.01.08 22:26:00
- Using Tracking Enhancers I've seen Maelstroms hit up to 110km. ...2010.08.13 18:02:00
- Thanks guys, and yeah, should have mentioned I was asking for pvp. I'll start throwing together some ...2010.08.13 16:41:00
- I've never used Amarr anything, never really cared to learn about them either. So here's my question ...2010.08.13 16:28:00
- Yeah, you're fine for now. Don't really worry about gaining sec til it goes under -1, as just normal ...2010.07.25 11:53:00

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