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- DIE BOTS DIE! ...2011.09.01 17:01:00
- -5/5 ...2011.09.01 16:51:00
- Are people that hard up for new ship models that even this Myrmidon rip off has them excited?Rip off ...2011.08.30 22:58:00
- didn't actually blizzard burned a lot of graphic cards due to faulty programming on sc2? and they di ...2011.08.30 22:56:00
- PI. 3.14....... ...2011.08.15 03:10:00
- also so far and from many tests i have done, the signature dosn't really affects turrets, a standing ...2011.08.12 16:37:00
- i completely agree with the fact big part of the problem is on the platform, trying to fit a full ra ...2011.08.09 23:08:00
- Zezman "oh yeah..." ...2011.08.09 19:16:00
- If anything at all insurance should be removed. It probably races with lvl 4 missions for the first ...2011.08.09 19:04:00
- Edited by: Ager Agemo on 09/08/2011 19:02:38 might as well add NPCs that try to warp away, as to en ...2011.08.09 18:58:00
- i m curious, but... if insurance for T2, faction and capital ships was much better, let's say ... 80 ...2011.08.09 10:51:00
- agree, as long as the weapons and ewar reflects a more comparable behavior to what the actual weapon ...2011.08.09 02:44:00
- well they made that sony center get in flames... despite being totally unrelated... nothing prevents ...2011.08.09 02:27:00
- allthough not a priority at all, i do agree it would be nice if NPCs reflected more how actual playe ...2011.08.09 02:20:00
- however the AOE could be used actually the other way, if as suggested it was signature related, a do ...2011.08.09 02:14:00

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