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- So the way I understand the token charge is that CCP wants something to be at stake for app develope ...2011.06.22 22:48:00
- Edited by: Tex Bloodhunter on 15/06/2011 21:25:03 Like the general idea regarding apps. Just make s ...2011.06.15 21:24:00
- Thanks for your answers so far. Looks like I am going to buy dog tags and turn them into faction sta ...2010.06.15 22:26:00
- I opened a petition regarding rocket explosion velocity. This is the answer I got:Hello, As has been ...2010.06.15 17:04:00
- I need a massive amount of Caldari State standing. Since I don't like missioning but have accumulate ...2010.06.15 02:00:00
- I can't imagine rockets being a special anti cruiser weapon. Currently there is not a single launche ...2010.05.31 03:28:00
- You mean they only fix the part of the game that they play themselves? Because when researching the ...2010.05.30 08:00:00
- I already posted this issue in the Tyrannis Feedback Thread. Kinda expected it to be dealt with duri ...2010.05.29 16:30:00
- Try covert ops with 5 mid slots: AB, Scram, 2x Web, Tracking Disruptor (Range). As for weapons use s ...2010.05.29 15:58:00
- I have to say I am little disappointed that rockets haven't been fixed with this expansion patch. IM ...2010.05.29 10:02:00

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