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- it's theyr job to take care of those problems. like they did in PL case. CCP didn't do anything in ...2010.06.29 15:29:00
- I do agree that the performance of the servers are the most important problem here, but that doesnt ...2010.06.29 13:09:00
- we use TS2 not vent and if you couldn't get access to you're literally the worst spy ever ...2010.06.28 23:30:00
- Now the North is 100% blue Just like the South. ...2010.06.28 13:15:00
- Bruchettas is a GS hero ...2010.06.28 06:50:00
- free Bruschettas ...2010.06.25 10:02:00
- Edited by: Caladain Barton on 20/06/2010 05:04:17 Look we all understand that the game lately has be ...2010.06.20 05:51:00
- I don't know why everyone is getting mad at IT. Causing your opponent to blackscreen is the single m ...2010.05.30 23:49:00
- This is a pretty good idea. ...2010.05.30 20:55:00
- And you guys sound awfully mad too. Step away from the keyboard a bit. Get some fresh air, enjoy t ...2010.05.28 13:33:00
- Can you give me three words to describe your progress in the north?The progreess is that you forum ...2010.05.27 17:42:00
- You guys may want to let your new BFF goons know that your just in this for k/d ratio padding. As ...2010.05.20 15:09:00
- Quelle surprise. Bobby gets booted out of a leadership for being an arse, throws a tantrum, and Atla ...2010.05.19 10:25:00
- prevailed at losing titans lmao ...2010.05.11 05:22:00
- Goonswarms been rubbing off on you.I'm literally rubbing one off right now. ...2010.05.11 03:09:00

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