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- Not being someone who enjoys ratting or running anomolies or other typical 0.0 income earning activi ...2011.09.05 19:11:00
- Esheleen,8,9,14,38,46,66,75 ...2011.07.26 13:56:00
- Contracts The above is not going to be much of an issue with large corps that have multiple POS and ...2011.07.26 13:04:00
- Construction and Alteration of POS and Platforms: I have to say I pretty much hate the current syst ...2011.07.26 13:02:00
- Given that there finally looks to be some planned movement on the long overdue upgrade to the POS sy ...2011.07.26 12:59:00
- I think the volume of sales on these ships is so low the BPO holders have capacity to meet demand, h ...2011.07.11 12:09:00
- -3 accounts now and 4th won't get renewed next month ...2011.06.25 13:33:00
- Support this all the way ...2010.05.06 11:54:00
- Trained for one, decided not to bother buying one. Fully support a boost to these ships ...2010.05.06 10:14:00
- I'm a bit worried with the variation in the timers for things to exit reinforced. When do you find o ...2009.11.12 14:04:00
- Spent a bit of time testing the Loki last night, quite easy to get the thing up to over 3k with over ...2009.03.05 14:05:00
- So whilst watching fleets of a 1000 ships grind their way through ex BOB space made up of a hugely d ...2009.02.26 14:45:00
- So the heat bonuses are an excellent idea, now what you need to do is come up with a 5th time of sle ...2009.02.26 13:54:00
- Whats great about all these just fit a heavy neut comemnts is that half of the speed nerf seemed to ...2008.10.31 13:37:00
- Given all the time that CCP are spending on fine tuning missiles and drones is it safe to assume tha ...2008.10.23 14:01:00

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