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- I've now lodged a formal grievance, which in all honesty puts my own job at risk more than it does h ...2010.09.21 11:03:00
- So I can watch Top Gear and Futurama on the other monitor and actually follow along and still make s ...2010.08.11 08:57:00
- Type 4.5; saw the news, knew about it, had plenty of skills they could have trained, even logged on ...2010.06.24 16:55:00
- I've got about 12,000 points of Bretonnians which I play with every Sunday at the local gaming club, ...2010.06.14 18:42:00
- When you are calculating the +5% and +10% amounts and end up with .5 of a unit; do you round up or d ...2010.05.27 17:39:00
- Anyway right now she is a baby clearly I was wondering when would she turn into adult like go from k ...2010.05.25 08:13:00
- RAM are going up ... Excellent No longer will I be restrained to a mere 100% profit! ...2010.05.21 05:34:00
- After completing my 18 month of 15 Perc/9 Will, I will be switching to 15 Int/9 Mem. A 370 day INT/M ...2010.04.24 14:30:00
- Chilli con carne tonight,Last night I made pizza! ...2010.03.30 16:21:00
- I got steam when I bought DOW II and I initially hated it (yet another program to over-complicate my ...2010.03.30 16:12:00
- Ha!In Australia it's easy-peasy, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) provides a free program every year ...2010.03.29 19:44:00
- Raymond Feist - Magician (my all time favourite book, it's a 700-800 page epic and I've read it at l ...2010.03.19 14:55:00
- I've just received a shipment in from the US so now my Bretonnian Army is sitting at just above 3000 ...2010.03.19 14:48:00
- 1900x1200 on a Dell 24" flatscreen.Ditto, except I have 2!! ...2010.03.17 06:02:00
- Tried the beta on steam and it's really not what I expected, I was expecting the ruses to be a bit m ...2010.03.15 02:54:00

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