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- in fact you're the one creating the unhappinessThat is not a fact, no. in fact it is. It is enough ...2011.08.10 14:09:00
- I genuinely dislike all the dumb trolls on these forums. The problem is everyone is so quick to use ...2011.08.10 13:53:00
- Edited by: Lady Spank on 10/08/2011 13:38:25 That has been in the API for years. Trolling removed ...2011.08.10 13:34:00
- Babby speak "You are trolling"English translation "I don't like your opinion and find your tone patr ...2011.08.10 13:25:00
- old news, not relevant to eve online. ...2011.08.10 13:22:00
- ITT: Displeasure at poor implementation of features or concerns regarding bugs = ANARCHY. ...2011.08.10 13:12:00
- What is the problem with AFK cloaking that you seek to fix? ...2011.08.10 12:57:00
- Sniping is dead so its basically blasters only for PVP. Outside of kiting frig setups (which are th ...2011.08.10 12:53:00
- How do I subscribe to your newsletter? ...2011.08.10 12:49:00
- Patch changed downstroke behaviour to upstroke.This is not a fix.Can we have a real fix on this plea ...2011.08.10 12:44:00
- No there isn't you just fail. ...2011.08.10 12:41:00
- Perhaps they realised adding some genuine content to the game might be of better value and have shif ...2011.08.10 12:33:00
- (literally) four times better. ...2011.08.10 12:28:00
- Why are renters classed as 3rd class?Because to some if you don't play the way they play then you're ...2011.08.10 01:44:00
- No you don't get it back. ...2011.08.10 00:27:00

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