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- you realize that posting this in public is a good way to get more wardecs on you corp, right? you're ...2011.08.31 17:12:00
- - EVE, obviously - Darkfall - Uncharted Waters (EVE circa 1700AD) - FFXIV ...2011.08.30 18:43:00
- People in this country love to **** with anyone who is "different" from them, especially if they hav ...2011.08.23 19:14:00
- everyone needs to calm down, we all know they are going to wow us with the new NEX line-up of boots ...2011.08.19 16:23:00
- So I'm calling it now: Almost all new content in Incarna 1.1 will be NEX crap. Just watch.god, i h ...2011.08.19 15:02:00
- thing is, Jita is more than a cargo shipping hub. it's also the retail hub of EVE, therefore city or ...2011.08.15 21:12:00
- sould retitle thread: OP failacy ...2011.06.27 17:27:00
- dude you're totally right. no player feedback has made this game any good, its all the man and his ...2011.06.27 15:42:00
- Kinda like every single time. Hilmar isn't just the CEO of CCP. He's the daddy of EVE. 8 years of su ...2011.06.27 15:07:00
- would pay RL$$ to see my female avatars scantaly clad, i.e. bikinis, g-strings, lingere, etc... ...2011.06.27 15:03:00
- hi, you must be new here. consider for a moment that you are correct, these have not yet been implem ...2011.06.27 14:51:00
- Dear CCP, I am one of those that spend lots of money on expensive Japanese denim. Why, because they ...2011.06.26 22:45:00
- People have cancelled their subs, I'm one of them. That does not mean that there's not still game ti ...2011.06.25 16:57:00
- unsub is located under game time tab, cancel subscription. ...2011.06.25 16:49:00
- the CEO made it quite clear, they're aren't going to listen to what we say, only what we do. for all ...2011.06.25 16:45:00

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