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- Uhh, *****, PLEASE ...2011.06.02 01:49:00
- I'm turning 18 tomorrow, can I have 18 Bil?But yes, tomorrow i am actually coming of age. ...2011.05.26 04:37:00
- "Chadian Civil War" actually results in a loop random article 4twNot anymore ...2011.05.25 06:22:00
- Just read the hidden text in the new XKCD (Saying that if you hit the first link that isn't in paren ...2011.05.25 05:47:00
- Granted. CCP details out the long, terrible, horrifying story of how the sleepers came to be. When y ...2011.05.25 05:03:00
- Granted. You no longer need to sleep. This is because you are dead from being dragged behind a car f ...2011.05.23 06:50:00
- Granted. The haruhiists are restored and begin a violent takeover of the world. You are one of the f ...2011.05.23 06:10:00
- You know, if you shoot the station then all Wartargets will be forced to undock, letting you kill th ...2011.05.19 06:08:00
- And when the world doesn't end, this guy is going to claim he saved us all by pleading to god. ...2011.05.19 06:02:00
- Right! I have no doubt at all, because I trust implicitly. I donít trust me or any man, but I trust ...2011.05.18 01:48:00
- Or something along the lines of company of heroes. That game was epic. ...2011.05.08 02:45:00
- I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but when I run missions I get about 7.5 mil an hour, and I have y ...2011.04.23 05:23:00
- Given an infinite amount of time for each one, shouldn't the probability for each case be 1.0? ...2011.04.16 02:30:00
- Dead Zombie ...2011.04.13 05:38:00
-'s gonna be free to play. ...2011.04.05 00:39:00

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