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- The only changes I'd like to see with defenders are as follows:A: Slow them down by half. Currently ...2010.02.11 23:28:00
- Couldn't find anything similar at EVElopedia, so...No support.If at all, I'd go with Diana DeVils id ...2010.02.11 23:17:00
- Yes, POS management is atrocious.Try running refinery arrays; 3 input & 1 output silo for a polymer ...2010.02.11 22:23:00
- Edited by: Mashie Saldana on 27/01/2010 13:54:56 Troll, there are no Machariel killmails posted in ...2010.01.27 14:07:00
- Unfortunately there are not nearly enough industrialists on this forum. :/ All ideas to clean up an ...2010.01.25 03:32:00
- Agreed, this five minute limiter is crippling. :/One minute would be far more useful. Or some abili ...2010.01.25 03:25:00
- Well, phishing and RMT sites aside, what other avenues do hackers have to seek out specific account ...2010.01.25 02:54:00
- D'uh!Seems like an idea long past due. Perhaps separate messages like this from the client to a sec ...2010.01.24 23:41:00
- They're not nebulae, they're the excrement left behind by the Eve Space Dragon. ...2010.01.24 23:34:00
- Not supported. This would allow the practice of ghost trading: create orders using alt, let alt acco ...2010.01.24 23:28:00
- Wont' work.Macros would just use an ore scanner and lock the largest quantity rocks. They would the ...2010.01.23 13:17:00
- The 'auto-inject' idea is about the most meritorious I've seen yet.If the prereqs are in que and wil ...2010.01.18 20:19:00
- From the freindly wiki: EVE Data CentersNothing there but a blank space awaiting input. ...2010.01.18 19:53:00
- This, PLEASEI think if I have to goA: Log an alt and hunt down a bunch of omber B: Chase around the ...2010.01.18 13:07:00
- And strangely... a simple plated Rupture will rip a curse to ribbons face to face (seen it more than ...2010.01.18 12:45:00

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