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- Edited by: Dobri M on 11/02/2011 14:49:29 Here's a great start. It IS free, btw.Welcome back! :) ...2011.02.11 14:49:00
- Sometimes the Hornet wins...sometimes not. ...2011.02.10 04:44:00
- much better. ...2011.02.10 02:13:00
- tossing in a BIG thank you for this as well. ...2011.02.07 20:30:00
- Logically speaking, Incursions should be even MORE prevalent in null-sec. No Concord presence.It is ...2011.02.07 18:19:00
- Why yes...yes I would. ...2011.02.07 18:12:00
- That would have been a great series. Too bad they axed it. ...2011.02.07 18:03:00
- I honestly find it hard to believe that you've played as long as you say you have, and didn't recogn ...2011.02.05 03:18:00
- They (griefers) may pull the wings of flies, but you won't catch them doing it to wasps. ...2011.02.04 07:05:00
- all the anal retentives need to sit back and chill with a home brew.Hat-tip to CCP Zymurgist. ...2011.02.01 06:05:00
- Edited by: Dobri M on 31/01/2011 23:32:23 49 here.I stay abreast of tech tho...owning a computer re ...2011.01.31 23:28:00
- Edited by: Dobri M on 31/01/2011 20:02:25 He has shield skills and basic missile skills, throwing t ...2011.01.31 19:56:00
- jeez louise, let the man help them if he wants, lol. sure he benefits, but if u want to do the same ...2011.01.31 19:42:00
- Download EFT.Go to Battleclinic and search the loadouts for the ships you want to fly. Load the sugg ...2011.01.31 18:53:00
- I own a computer repair shop. I can play and work at the same time, and pretty much do it all day. ...2011.01.22 19:58:00

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