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- I would pay to change my bloodline... and I'm not alone. ...2011.02.06 01:32:00
- Very disappointed with Khanid female options and the CCP response to players who are unhappy with ne ...2011.02.06 01:23:00
- I support this. When making a Khanid female, if you hit random, most of the time the avatar will lo ...2011.01.23 19:08:00
- I am not at all happy with how Khanid turned out. I went from looking Nippon to Mongolian. There i ...2011.01.23 19:03:00
- Edited by: Rodj Blake on 29/08/2010 14:42:25 Congratulations Ms Valate, you just won today's star p ...2010.08.29 16:25:00
- Edited by: Xenea on 27/08/2010 05:39:26 Yawn. ...2010.08.27 05:39:00
- The will of Lord God be done. ...2010.07.25 01:00:00
- we come for our ProletariatCorrected. ...2010.06.11 04:28:00
- Yawn. Boring. I've seen this transmission before. ...2010.05.20 16:51:00
- Before the nobleman was cut down by the surrounding guards, he raised his bloody hand and cried "a m ...2010.03.26 15:50:00
- Manny was overly generous by offering D-G back after CVA knew they could not defend anything. Sounds ...2010.03.25 16:06:00
- It now appears that Mervan Moritok may be amongst the dead.Truly, this is a dark day for the Empire. ...2010.03.25 15:36:00
- Edited by: Xenea on 24/03/2010 15:46:08 I turned my back on Providence last Fall. All I wanted was ...2010.03.24 15:45:00
- Khanid are not known for their support of democratic ideology. Still, I urge you all to be open-min ...2010.03.09 06:25:00
- You fail to realize that the war against CVA is not over... and there are more important matters tha ...2010.03.08 03:34:00

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