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- Amazing as always, Mr. Rourke. Simply amazing. Honestly, I have no words to describe how excellent C ...2011.06.07 00:28:00
- Why such a limited amount of theaters, CCP? As someone who lives in the small (heavily populated) ...2010.12.10 00:50:00
- Simple. Keep CCP's "The Butterfly Effect" video open in another screen. Someone inquires as to what ...2009.09.30 18:04:00
- Edited by: AizenSousuke on 30/09/2009 17:34:09 Edited by: Jarna on 30/09/2009 16:47:06 In this day ...2009.09.30 17:33:00
- I, for one, will be following this thread closely hoping for a CCP reply. I'm in the same boat as th ...2009.09.30 16:14:00
- Edited by: AizenSousuke on 29/09/2009 17:48:31 yawn.... americans thinking about only themselves ag ...2009.09.29 17:41:00
- You talk about "pyramid schemes", and burning real cash on this game.. If you don't want to spend ca ...2009.09.29 15:07:00
- Edited by: Serge Bastana on 24/09/2009 08:49:42Nex time, read the URL. /brity.jpg didn't give you a ...2009.09.24 12:55:00
- Oh no. I aint touching this thread with a ten foot pole.That was my laugh out loud moment of the day ...2009.09.24 12:49:00
- IMO the NPC Corps should be involved in FW and therefore open to attack by other factions.However, t ...2009.09.23 12:38:00
- ive been a member of recon from day one.nearly 2 years ago.a corp with a history of brotherhood.QFT. ...2009.09.22 15:34:00
- If Voyager could hear it, maybe it's not so far fetched, after all. ...2009.09.20 03:59:00
- To be honest I'm actually surprised no one has mentioned the Saga of Krall Amarr. ...2009.09.18 17:54:00
- I dispute the theory that the Eve Store actually sells stuff./me hugs my eve strategic maps book ...2009.09.18 17:41:00
- So you'd keep the old AOE DD over this new one? No. Get on SISI and check out how awesome it is for ...2009.09.18 17:35:00

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