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- again, just a cool thought...i dunno, maybe im running out of cool weapons to come across, or i just ...2007.09.14 15:06:00
- improve your skills/attributes at the expense of an addiction. ...2007.09.12 20:56:00
- how about suiting up, ejecting from your maybe? cloaked ship and swimming through space to your targ ...2007.09.12 20:55:00
- a chinese silkworm missile travels toward the enemy, high profile...when its locked onto, it dives u ...2007.09.12 20:51:00
- i think speed should be reduced, accuracy fails, and your ship doesnt fly straight...and other peopl ...2007.09.12 20:31:00
- great idea, i love it!!! maybe even some roadkill? NO WHALES IN JITA FOR FU#&* SAKE, ITS BAD ENOUGH. ...2007.09.12 20:28:00
- oOOoo, lets start credit cards too! maybe even the spam that comes with it? how about contracting lo ...2007.09.12 20:12:00
- +but then, what happens when the coward logs off?+you should be able to launch pods at ships to do d ...2007.09.12 20:06:00
- hell, if perpetual motion has been achieved in the game, then why not? ...2007.09.12 19:59:00
- only if they make a kamikaze ship too... ...2007.09.12 19:46:00
- GAP INSURANCE. ...2007.09.12 19:41:00
- if you can insure your mouth and the weight around your neck that keeps you retained to this planet ...2007.09.12 19:39:00
- + stop flying though planets...;(+ damage when bumping, or shield damage or something. at least make ...2007.09.12 19:28:00
- lets not forget there are other server clusters that are cut off...e.g. chinese language server clus ...2007.09.12 19:15:00
- i agree, these are great ideas...perhaps another something similar to a concussion grenade effect to ...2007.09.12 18:45:00

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