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- You can't use a smartbomb very close to a wormhole. How close can you get? ...2011.08.26 17:50:00
- Will a sb hit a ship right as it comes through a wh? even if its still cloaked? ...2011.08.26 16:37:00
- being in a wh, you inevitably need to lock down an entrance or exit. How well would a disco bs fle ...2011.08.26 16:17:00
- Here's a thought. You can make multiple characters on one account... Why not be able to train skill ...2011.08.25 16:11:00
- well it would appear there are a few of you. probably the best place to meet up would be Columbia, ...2010.10.26 14:30:00
- I'm in SC, and i know GobyD lives here to ^_^ ...2010.09.17 19:04:00
- bizzump ...2010.05.07 21:33:00
- Mining and Mission running mainly.I can fly a hulk and eat up roids. I can fly a CNR and eat up shi ...2010.05.07 13:12:00
- To all my homies in the Southern States. Who here calls SC Home? ...2010.01.29 14:30:00
- I am the lead web developer where i work (where i am right now actually!) send me an eve mail and we ...2010.01.08 21:19:00
- what are they exactly? how do you get them? what can you do with them? what do they do? do for yo ...2009.10.01 18:30:00

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