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- Edited by: Rawmeat Mary on 01/09/2011 13:58:04 Ppl able to spin it continuously for more than 1 hou ...2011.09.01 13:57:00
- Honest, any ganking ship worth its salt is going to **** this Covetor with a little sneeze, c'mon.Su ...2011.09.01 00:39:00
- I would suggest not investing in dps rigs as the yalso stack out with dps mods, so after the 4th or ...2011.09.01 00:07:00
- I found teh mission quite easy tbh, target the Neut and Stasis towers first when warping in rooms, t ...2011.02.24 19:39:00
- Was a bit over two months in the game, and had been reading about 0.0 and belt ratting and how much ...2011.02.06 21:42:00
- There's no hackable item, the objective is sitting in one of the bunkers.There is 4 or 5 Sanshas wav ...2011.02.06 07:07:00
- The killer look, kinda like it, though a bit more color contrast (maybe background?)could have had a ...2011.02.05 01:57:00
- Aydoteaux, Everyshore region, Gallente space.You can see Mackinaws undock in packs and warp all toge ...2011.01.01 03:43:00

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