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- I have a market alt that can sell the items for you just by stepping into the region, contract the i ...2011.08.30 14:53:00
- I could care less about any other improvement to the game other than this topic. I've been waiting ...2011.07.19 13:26:00
- Edited by: Omtaga on 31/05/2011 02:27:07 OUTSTANDING!!!I only recently discovered your work when I ...2011.05.31 02:25:00
- +1Click on floor to move character to destination. Walk-though was great. Large screen utility and ...2011.05.22 15:16:00
- There must be a master list somewhere of:"Things to try to get experienced players to all join one o ...2011.04.04 02:13:00
- Is this change crucial to keep the economy in check?I feel like this is a rewind to how eve was befo ...2011.03.31 01:51:00
- Gentlemen,Thank you for taking the time to read my post. As posted, your intent is to create more ' ...2011.03.29 15:03:00
- ok, ok, I've put up with this since the expansion was released and now I'm getting tired of it. Ple ...2011.01.24 19:32:00
- Look folks, it's pretty obvious. 514 = The number of times the AVERAGE console gamer is going to be ...2009.08.20 19:15:00
- One ticket purchased. ...2009.07.30 18:43:00
- Great Service!!! I created several jumpclones and was out of the corp and into a new one at my leis ...2009.07.04 19:40:00

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